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If you’ve been in the Online industry long enough you’ve seen constant and exciting changes in the landscape. What normally catches peoples’ attention is the evolution of products and services being offered, advancements in Technology and the smashing of paradigms. What you thought wasn’t possible, now is and those game changes come in waves.

Behind every success story is real people…really Talented people. Each company needs Talented people in multiple departments and this section will highlight companies that are not only quality companies but also companies that are going the extra mile to attract Talent.

If you are looking for top notch career opportunities and Hiring best practices then keep an eye on and apply to the companies that we highlight.

There’s an old saying that the value of a company goes down the elevator every night.

The companies that we feature are the ones that are doing exceptional things to show their employees that they value their contribution. Those efforts don’t go unnoticed and if we notice them they will become a Featured Employer on

Here is the latest Employer that candidates need to find out more about:



First off, I love the interactions that I’ve had with CAKE at trade shows.

Secondly, their location of Surf and sand and team atmosphere create a fun in the sun work/life balance. Add in the “WOW” technology and CAKE offers a ton as an Employer.

I can practically see myself enjoying the day, hanging out with work colleagues, enjoying my job, being super cool with a CAKE hat on the beach.

Seriously it looks like fun but I’m a bit of a look behind the curtain type of guy so I asked them to answer a few questions to get to the bottom of things. Here goes:

1) Who is CAKE and how does CAKE fit into the Performance Marketing industry?

CAKE is a SaaS platform providing business intelligence for performance marketers. With easy-to-use wizards that guide users through every step of managing their campaigns and a highly developed API interface with other services, the platform is designed to eliminate bottlenecks and increase return on investment for advertisers. 

CAKE is designed for lead generation firms, affiliate marketers and other advertising agencies to dramatically simplify their business processes and measurably improve return on investment.

2) Outside of having a very unique Technology based offer for Online Advertisers what makes CAKE unique as an Employer?

At CAKE we pride ourselves on providing our customers and performance marketers with top-notch service and an incredible user experience. We also make it a priority to foster a creative work experience that breed’s innovation. CAKE is comprised of a team of diverse personalities working together to build and innovate our technology every day. We work hard by choice because we believe in our product offering and are continually seeing the results of this hard work! Friendly, hard working, dedicated and talented employees are at the very core of CAKE!

3) Where are your offices and what makes those work locations special?
  • CAKE is headquartered in sunny Newport Beach, California just minutes away from the beach!
  • Our second office is located in the heart of New York City in the bustling Wall Street district.
  • CAKE’s international office is located in the centre of London with an incredible mix of UK and US employees.

Each location has it’s own unique vibe but a central theme remains true across all of CAKE’s offices. The people are all innovative, dedicated and friendly individuals, which is what continually drives the success of our technology and makes it a very exciting place to work!

4) How would you describe the Culture at CAKE?

CAKE is founded upon the principle that the people behind the product are what make it so successful. Creativity and hard work are at the core of our culture. Freethinking is strongly encouraged and being a self-motivator is a must! Our culture is 100% proactive and welcomes any challenge we receive to provide superior solutions to our customers.

  • We have great benefits!
  • Oceanfront Location
  • Team Driven Environment
  • Fun and Engaging Atmosphere
  • Technology Driven
  • Competitive Compensation and Equity
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Community of Self Starters

Here’s a snapshot of the current positions that CAKE are looking for talented candidates for. Check them out and surf the success of that “WOW” technology:


Performance Marketing JOBS
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